Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lessons learned from my ipod....

Lessons learned from my ipod:
1. The washing machine is not a good place to clean a dirty ipod. It is good for dirty leathermen, though. It's also not good for dirty disposable diapers, but that's another story!
2. When your ipod is broken, don't take it to your local mechanic. oops.
I highly recommend marrying a mechanic if you get the chance, though, there's never a dull moment.

Now the thing is, do I buy a new one now or wait for my birthday? Something in me says that I broke the thing so should suffer a little without it before buying a new one. I don't deserve it yet. But I mostly use it AT work and getting TO and FROM work, and since I will be OFF work on maternity leave in ONLY 2 MONTHS!!! (woo hoo!!) getting a new one in February would be pointless. Dearest hubby made a comment about waiting for my birthday the other day, which makes me think that he's got something up his sleeve. But I always think he's got something up his sleeve, so who knows.

If this wasn't my third post and I had actual readers I'd ask what YOU would do, but alas...

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