Friday, October 12, 2007

Careening to your destiny...

Driving to work in the mornings, especially in the winter when it's dark out still, I am often caught with the feeling that we are speeding away to our destiny. 'Careening to our destiny' is what I always think, though I don't know if the words actually fit. You're speeding along, half-aware of your surroundings, not really paying attention to where you're going, or why. Life is like that a lot these days. Do you ever wonder how you got to be doing what you are doing? Maybe it's turning 30 and realizing that I really am undeniably a grown-up now with bills and kids and a mortgage and responsibilities. How many things in life did we not actually CHOOSE, but ACCEPT. I choose to go to university, then took the first job that presented itself. And that job lead to the next one, and then a promotion lead to where I am now. I think if I'd actually sat down and CHOOSE it, I wouldn't be here now. In fact, I know it, we made fun of engineering students in university and now guess who I work with? Somehow I've ended up in middle-age suburbia rat-race. And I can't say I always like it. There's something comfortably docile and mindless about speeding along, but where are we going in the end? What the heck's the point? How would I even get out of the car without being run over?

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