Monday, November 12, 2007

Mother Earth

Mother Earth
This was my Halloween costume this year. Pretty good for having painted it myself upside down. Plus I can only see halfway down. It was chilly wandering around outside like this, but fun.
I was going to post about how my 3 yr old is so good at moderation with her candy - she only had a piece or two and then forgot all about it all. But then yesterday she ate 4 or 5 pieces and would have had even more if I'd let her. She didn't go as crazy as I thought she would because of all of the sugar. Don't tell her grama who doesn't think sugar affects kids as much as we think it does. She heard about a study once where parents thought the kids behaved worse when fed sugar, only it was a trick and they hadn't been fed sugar at all.
I can usually see when it hits her brain. It's at about the second bite. Her eyes get wide, then she starts to fidget, and can't sit still. She was spinning around in circles at the grocery store, making herself dizzy. Then we raced eachother to the end of the store. She didn't have the attention span to reorganize all the bread and bottles while we waited at the deli counter like she usually does. Ya, I think it had something to do with the sugar.

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