Sunday, January 20, 2008

More on The Diaper Saga.

So I finally decided that the newborn size prefolds would be our best bet (see 2 posts back), based mostly on the fact that Munchie is a good eater and won't be small for long. This was a couple of days ago.
So I go on to the computer, credit card in hand, only to discover that the place with the newborn size prefolds doesn't ship to Canada. What??!? (Apparently "It's not that easy" according to their website. Yes, I don't get it; don't get me started.) None of the other stores carry the newborn size, only preemie and infant. After far too much time on the internet (most of it way too early in the morning) I've come up with what I think is the cheapest solution. You see, newborn prefolds are the same width as the infant size, just a few inches shorter. Infant size is easy to find used, and I even have some, so the current plan is to cut down the infant prefolds I have into the newborn size. I can always get more infant prefolds later. (HAHA, aren't I smart. OK, someone else suggested it.) Now I'm just spending some good internet time finding some newborn size covers. Hopefully I can get some good ones used, and we're off to the races. I'm gunna start with the dozen prefolds I have now, see how it all works out, and then invest in some more. Yes, I'm taking this really slowly. I'm cautious about spending a lot of $$ when I don't know if the system I've chosen will work for us, or if we'll even stick to it. I think we will stick to it, though. I'm stubborn. Really stubborn.

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