Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Officially Cloth Diapering!

We are officially cloth diapering as of this week! We have 1 dozen prefolds and 1 cover that fits, but we're going for it anyway. I've scored another couple dozen prefolds new, but prepped off of a used diaper site (1 doz. NB orange edge, 1doz. infant yellow edge and 1 doz. brown edge).

I've been a little preoccupied as of late. I finally decided I wanted to get prefolds and that the newborn size would be the best. Then found out that the place that sells that size won't ship to canada. So I've spent far too much time scouring the internet for either some used ones or another solution. In a flash of clarity, nursing the baby early one morning, I realized that if i folded the green edged prefolds I have the other way they fit into the newborn covers. (They are 11x13, and the nb covers are 11 inches long.)

Now I need wetbags, pail liners and wipes and we'll be set. I'm looking for a good deal on wetbags because the beautiful ones I had on the registry are too expensive (see www.happytushies.com). I've already spent a lot this week with my big batch of prefolds. For wipes we're using about a dozen baby washcloths. It's not enough, and I have a line on a WAHM who makes some beautiful ones for cheap.

Oh, ya, and as soon as I find some wool wash I can start using the wool soakers at night. But I'm not getting them dirty until I have the capacity to clean them. So far I've been chicken to use cloth at night, but will have to do it one day. I'll let ya know how it goes...

So, that's why I've not been blogging - too much time spent trying to find diapers! Lame, I know, but what can you do? I tend to get my mind fixed on something and then that's all I think about for a while. I'm sure you can tell because I blog about one thing for days on end, and then suddenly switch to another obsessive topic.

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