Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ahhh....what will the next week hold??

I managed to turn about half of my prefolds blue today. A good start to the week, if you ask me.
For reasons that escape me now, I washed my favourite blue scarf (thank you, sis) with a load of diapers. I had dipped the scarf in pancake syrop, and kept forgetting to throw it in with the wash.

Now, the prefolds are blue. With yellow serged edges.

So, now they're in the wash again, with lots of oxyclean in hopes that they return to their former glory. If it doesn't work out I'll just be glad I bought prefolds and not goodmamas. Hahahaha... that's my positive thought for the day.

In other news, the impetigo cleared up right away after dousing with tea tree oil and antibiotics. I have my face back! The scars are going away quickly and i can now go out in public and not get tormented by children. It seems silly, but it was a little traumatic. The best comment was my neighbour who asked if I'd gotten punched in the face. Next best were the looks on the parents' faces as the children at music class attacked. It was a mix of disgust and feeling sorry for me.

Ahhh....what will the next week hold??

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interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter.