Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh, I get excited about the smallest things...

Here is a peak at the lovely package that arrived in my mailbox.

Yummy!! 50 custom wipes!

I waited 3 weeks for these to come in the mail and I'm so excited that they're actually here! And more colorful and lovely than I even imagined. Now i will never run out of wipes again. There's a box of them in the kitchen for big sister to wash her hands with, and a box on the changetable for baby's bum. I even put a little stash in the downstairs bathroom for cleaning hands and bums that need it down there. All in all, I think I could fill 4 standard wipes boxes with the number I have! Overkill?? Maybe, but not expensive overkill, and useful overkill. Plus the grin on my face is worth something.

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