Monday, May 5, 2008

The story of How I came to be mopping the purple kitchen floor at 10:30pm.

We were behind the 8-ball all day. Baby is teething and not sleeping, so I woke up tired and grumpy, and barely moving. We didn't make it out of the house until after 2 in the afternoon, I'll spare you the tedious details. If you don't have kids yet, or think a second one would be fun, quit reading now.

The evening went something like this:

drag child to bathroom. yes, drag.
get out supper ingredients.
convince child that she doesn't need to be in her bedroom to take clothes off.
supervise poop clean up.
cut meat for supper.
cuddle crying baby and attempt to feed.
change diaper.
administer teething drops, finally feed baby.
cut up broccoli for supper.
confiscate scissors.
cuddle crying baby who has flipped onto her stomach.
change diaper.
baby goes to sleep.
start cooking stirfry.
baby wakes up.
keep cooking stirfry.
baby cries.
go to get husband for dinner. he's not there.
get baby.
change diaper.
set table (holding baby).
complain about house being messy. to the 4 yr. old.
eat supper (holding baby).
give husband cold shoulder when he finally comes in.
change diaper.
put baby to bed.
set up crafts for 4 yr old and imaginary friend.
clear table, clean kitchen, do dishes, dole out paint portions.
clean up crafts.
remove alligator from bath tub.
put 4 yr old in bath, and help her scrub off face paint.
put 4 yr old on toilet and have discussion about the finer points of pooping.
do chair yoga with child on toilet.
make smoothee. blueberry.
play hand games with child on toilet.
put alligator back in bathtub.
feed baby.
hear crash.
conversation about spilled smoothee. apparently it's "everywhere" and "dripping on the floor".
regret adding blueberries.
finish feeding baby.
mop floor while daddy reads stories and gets cuddles.
blog about how much fun it is to have 2 little kids.
wonder where the month of april went.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! One question on the setting up paints task - is the imaginary friend yours or the 4 year old's?


tired of smiling said...

Some days all my friends are imaginary.

Liona said...

Keep up the good work.