Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lessons learned from decluttering.

We're going through a drawer in the kitchen and I realize that my darling daughter really has been listening to the clutter banter and is, indeed, smarter than me.

kid: i think we should get rid of this.
mom: it's a pastry blender, we should keep it.
kid: but you never use it.
mom: it's for making pie.
kid: you never make pie.
mom: I'm just not ready to get rid of it yet!

Truth is I used to make pie before I had a full-time job and kids. I used to watch tv, too. i don't miss the tv, but someday, maybe 20 years from now, when the kids take less effort on my part, I'd like to make pie crusts from scratch again. I'll cook bran muffins for my husband, too, and volunteer, and maybe write poetry.

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