Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Nanny Saga

Well, it's been a busy month. Since getting back from holidays we've been looking for a nanny. Yes, it's really been since the end of August and we're still looking. We interviewed a lovely girl named Rose who was working in Taiwan, but originally from the Philippines. We decided to hire her and started the paperwork. She was originally hired by the family in Taiwan to take care of an elderly man with Alzheimer's. Really, she worked in their day care/school, though. Her contract stipulated that if the gentleman passed away the contract would be terminated. What do you know, before she could get her visa application in to come to Canada, the guy died and they sent her home. 6 weeks before she was supposed to come here. I'm told it's a 2 year process for her now to get out of the Philippines again.

So we interviewed some more and found a nanny from China who is already here in Canada and is looking for work. We met her, interviewed her, offered her the job, had her over for supper, gave her a contract and she emailed back the next day to set up a time to sign the contract. An hour later she emailed back saying she's gotten another offer from a Chinese family in the city (she really wanted to work in the city) and had to decide which offer to take. You can guess how this story ends.

So now we are STILL looking for a nanny. I still think a nanny is the way to go for us. Not having to get the kids up and out the door by 6am scores big points in my books. Having someone clean the house scores big points. Plus, it will be the same cost as putting 2 kids in a dayhome.

Throughout all of this we have been in contact with numerous agencies. Only one has actually been the least bit interested in actually helping us out - she is the one who found Rose, our first choice. You'd think they'd be more interested in our business; I'm not sure why they're not.

I'm beyond frustrated. I'm loosing hope that we will ever actually find a nanny. I feel like I'm wasting my time looking for a nanny. Third time lucky, maybe? Right now we'd take just about anyone. Axe murderers, tile setters, anyone.


mammacomic said...

I so totally feel for you! Finding care for you babies has to be the hardest thing a mom can do. And there is such a shortage of decent options. I hope that you find a great nanny...I know I will be there with you when my mat leave is up in a year...oh I cant bear to think about it!

tired of smiling said...

Thanks, Angie!
The saga continues, but I don't want to get into it. I wanted to mention that you start early getting a nanny is much easier - it takes 3-5 months to get one from overseas, so plan to start the process early and it's so much easier.
Also, not sure if you are considering it, but the main reason we are even considering a nanny is that it should cost roughly the same as having 2 kids in a dayhome, so it is really a viable option. Not to mention not having to get them all up at 5:30 am, and having someone help clean your house......oh, I can't wait!