Monday, December 29, 2008

What weird thing did your kid ask for?

I am wondering what the weirdest things people's kids have asked for for Christmas. This one asked for a Japanese encyclopedia which he reads for hours on end. Mine asked for a doll potty for her doll house. What did yours ask for??

I had the best Christmas yet. Took the week off work and spent the whole time with my girls. We made things, played, baked, and played some more. The baby's getting to be a real nut. She loves stairs and is getting safer on them, thankfully. She is one determined little booger. Her current obsession is my drawer in the bathroom. She sneaks up there whenever she can and tries to open and empty the drawer onto the floor. We put the step stool in front of it which she hasn't figured out a way around yet, but now she steps onto that and opens daddy's drawer. It's only a matter of time before she figures out that if she gets off of the stool she would be able to open his drawer all the way, and then - I am picturing it in my head - Party Time!