Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Error: Universe not found. Contact your system administrator.

I have this dream life where everything is modern and beautiful. I drive a small fuel-efficient car that is silver. Groceries are still carried to your car in paper bags with baguettes sticking out the top which can then be made into princess dresses for precious little children in glorious afternoons filled with crafting and reading books in the sun. Life is filled with simple and homemade and family (like this), and I'm cool enough to buy stuff off of etsy. Oh, ya, and I have this kitchen. Yes, this kitchen is my alternate reality. Look how clean and calming it is. A universe that doesn't require paperwork, balancing priorities or too too much effort.

sigh. one can have dreams, right?


angie said...

not only is this universe entirely in existence - one day I'll build it for you! I dream of the same one! just keep working at it! Love that house that has your kitchen in it. And sometimes soulemama depressesme because I just cant seem to have all that she has....but I know thats just not true! We have to hook up some time...I think we'll be next door to you this sunday!

tired of smiling said...

Angie! we have children's classes on Sunday at 1. Send Marcel over!

You know, there are always these pulls in life - enjoy what you have but still striving. It's like fashion going from bellbottoms one season to skinny jeans the next. I think it is the human condition to not be completely satisfied with the status quo. I'm sure we don't even see how far we've come. There was a post somewhere - I can't remember where now, if I find it I'll post it - of a flicker group of the everyday mundane where people from all these great blogs showed their piles of laundry and such. It was so refreshing to see that they weren't Perfect.

p.s. the title was from a funny error message I got on my computer at work. "Universe not found" sounded way more dramatic than it actually was.

Persimmons Gal said...

Funny I have that same dream. Hmmm.