Tuesday, October 9, 2007

cut cut cut....how babies are born

I'm 6 and a half months pregnant. Looking like I'm trying to smuggle a medium-sized watermelon out of the grocery store. Waddling.
DD is 3 1/2. Her experience with birth is limited. We're educating her in small pieces as stuff comes up. She knows that she was born in a hospital and the doctor cut her out. She even knows that babies are supposed to be "upside down" and that she wasn't. Some stuff sticks in her brain and some doesn't. That's the way it is with 3 year olds.

She was playing "pregnant" the other day. She lay on her back with a toy under her pj's and started saying "cut cut cut" making scissor motions at her belly, and then out popped the baby! She ran over to me all excited. "Mom, I had a baby and I didn't yell or anything!"

I was horrified and floored with laughter all at the same time.

So we had a chat about how it's ok to yell when you have a baby, and that mommy will probably yell. And lots of times you don't need to cut to get the baby out, you just push them out.

So she tried again. She layed on her back again with the toy under her pj's. "push push push."
I thought - so what if she's on her back, not the optimal birth position, at least she's not cutting.
Then she continued: "cut cut cut" "push push push"

ok, so there's obviously a little more education to do. Good thing we've got another 3 months or so to go. I can't decide if this is better than when she thought babies just "popped out", and told me that mine would, too. That sounded pretty good, actually, though a little utopian.

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