Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Two More Things

There are two more things I wish I'd said. But the conversation was over and I didn't want to reopen the discussion. It didn't go in the direction I'd hoped it would (That's polite talk for 'it went badly'). But I still have these two things to say:

1. Why would the midwife suggest prenatal classes if she is expecting to do all the work and we wouldn't need any of that information??

2. I have a strong feeling that the time will come when you wish you knew what to do to help. Other than hold my hand. Because you really do care.

And so I realize again that this really is all up to me. When push comes to shove (sorry!), I'm the one going to give birth, and I'm the one who has to do all the work in the end. I can't give that away to anybody else. I guess I just thought... I'm trying to get as much support as I can. Why are you so defensive about this?


u no who said...

I"m not being defensive, I'm being practical and protective and maybe a bit paranoid(PPP we'll call it).

Why are you being so closed minded and stubborn?

tired of smiling said...

When have you known me not to be stubborn?? But I object to close-minded. I have opinions. and I think they're informed opinions, since I've been thinking about this stuff for a long time.
I admit when I'm wrong - like about the whole uterine rupture thing. Do you want me to give in and just accept everything without thinking about it? Maybe that would be easier on us all, but it wouldn't be true to me, which is what tired of smiling is all about.