Monday, October 22, 2007

Drinking For Two.

Ever had one of those days you where think you should just go back to bed and retry tomorrow?? It was a mistake to get up this morning. I'm sure of it now.
It all started at 3am when little, adorable daughter came in to our bedroom.
I kicked my husband. twice. It's almost always me that gets up with her but he gets to sleep in today and I really needed my sleep so I asked him to put her back to bed. He rolled over and mumbled something and we had half a conversation about her being in our bedroom.
Then she crawled into bed between us. Or, I should say, mushed right up next to me. I had exactly one body width between her and the edge of the bed on which to perch my buoyant body.
Long story short, he "decided" to let her sleep in our bed for the rest of the night. I kept pushing her towards the middle of the bed and she kept pushing back. We're like that.
The moral of the story is that I should have just gotten up and put her back to bed to begin with. So much for asking for help. I didn't feel even a little bit guilty about running the noisy blender at 5:30 am when they were trying to sleep in. I'm tired of smiling today.

The rest of the morning has gone similarly. I missed the bus. My back hurts. I was still hungry even after breakfast. My head hurts. And I've got a lot to do at work today. I guess that's why I'm blogging...

But the guy at the coffee place today was a pure ray of sunshine. I surprised the guy making my grandesinglesoymocha by saying yes to the whipped cream. I was thinking maybe the whipped cream would be the thing to turn my day around - heck, give me sprinkles and syrup and make it a venti too, for that matter! I mumbled something about it being Monday. Then the Ray of Sunshine burst forth through the clouds and said "She's drinking for two". Ya! I AM drinking for two - so bring it on! Come on world, I dare ya! That's just the mood I'm in. Tired of smiling and not afraid to show it. Consider yourself warned.

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