Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Officially Disabled

As of today I am officially disabled.
Well, according to the fire wardens in my office building, at least. Of course, I think I am perfectly capable of walking down 21 floors of stairs, but I got in trouble yesterday. I guess they thought I SHOULD be on the list even though I wasn't and spent a lot of time looking around for me as I merrily trudged down the stairs with everyone else in the building.
Really I'd rather be walking than standing around letting my feet swell and back get sore in a freight hallway wondering if I'd really be safer getting out of the building quickly than standing around up here.
But it's more than that. I'm pregnant, not disabled! It's the same reason I'm not planning on going to the hospital for the birth - I'm not sick! I'm healthy and strong and capable. And, believe me, I'm not feeling at all delicate! If the building really is on fire, I think I can still get out just fine! Save the elevator for people who really need it - people in wheelchairs, with asthma, or bad backs.

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