Wednesday, October 24, 2007

first the good news....

I really warmed my heart when my midwife explained to my squeamish husband that he wouldn't have to catch the baby, that I would do it. Yes, that is how the world is supposed to work. She even said something like "that's just the way it happens" and made a motion like bringing baby up to her chest.

She also was able to tell that the baby is currently HEAD DOWN!! You have no idea how relieving that news is. Of course, it's still so early (26 weeks), and I can feel baby moving around everywhere, but it was a good sign. This baby is so different from Little A. She never flipped around the way this one does. She was bum down from the beginning and stayed that way to the end. This one's not a thinker like A.. He's a doer. We're scared.

We also confirmed that baby has grown quite a bit in the last month. The baby bump is growing to large pumpkin size, which makes dear hubby ask how much bigger it will get. Stick around a couple of months!! You'll see. Yoga is getting pretty silly. I'm doing my own thing for over half of the class because my body just doesn't pretzel like it used to. Not that it used to pretzel, really, but I could at least fake it!

I'll post the bad news tomorrow.
ok, so it's not really 'news', so don't stay up all night worrying.



Ginene said...

Visiting from

That is pretty cool that you are going to deliver your own baby. I chickened out. I did do 3 naturals and 1 epidural. For my 3rd I was trying to do a home delivery and I was 26 days overdue and started to get scared. Anyway wish you luck.


g. said...

Thank you, ginene! The though of catching my own baby is the only thing keeping me going right now!