Monday, October 29, 2007

Prenatal Classes - Take Two!

Yay, Fantastic news! We're officially registered for Bradley prenatal classes!! After the last disastrous midwife appointment (I finally convinced my husband) we decided to give it a go. I'm pretty excited, as you can probably tell. I realized at that appointment that I really need it, not just dear hubby. I've lost my confidence and desperately need to get it back. I think being in a positive atmosphere talking about birth in a positive way will help, and, I can't lie, I'm looking forward to a room full of big bellies like mine. The midwife highly recommended it, and the instructor, and that's what convinced dear hubby. I think.

Here's what I was forwarded when I asked what would be covered. it's a 2-day "meat and potatoes" class, so there's a lot left out, but we took really good classes last time, so I think this will be just right.
A general overview would be..... staying low risk and
healthy, basic nutrition, pregnancy exercises to prepare your birthing mucslces,
abdominal breathing, rlelaxation techniques for pain
management, understanding and practicing contractions,
coaching support strategies, mom's labour, checklist, dad's
labour checklist, introduction to first stage labour, transition, second
stage pushing, third stage (placenta), advanced first and second stage
positions, labour rehearsal, Bradley Energy Saving techniques, reviewing of all
the critical details, some videos and lots of extras depending on the questions
and time available.

I don't spend time on develping birth plans,
teaching you how to work with your birth team to overcome obstacles, discussing
breastfeeding or post partum issues as there is simply not enough time.
The Modified program is simply the meat and potatoes to get you by (and it will
get you by). The great news is that your midwives will take care of
all/any newborn or post partum issues. If couples want me to review
their birth plan or talk with me about breastfeeding or post birth concerns, I'm
only a phone call (or e-mail message) away.

Hope this


Mamabear said...

May I suggest the book Birthing from Within? Great book that has really helped me gain that much needed confidence for labor and delivery.

It has lots of great exercises (physical and mental) and such a positive uplifting look at birth.

Wishing you the best with your pregnancy and mothering. :)

tired of smiling said...

Thank you, mamabear!
Birthing From Within would have been my first choice for prenatal classes, but these ones are going to work out better in our busy lives. I never would have been able to convince DH into a full set of prenatal classes!

I do have the book and have been going through it since the early weeks. It definitely hit a nerve, and has really made me think. Someday I'll post some birth art here - if I can ever figure out how to post pictures!

Thank you for your kind words.