Thursday, November 15, 2007

A citrine leaf

A citrine leaf found it's way to me today. A leaf symbolizing adding another branch to the family tree. Citrine for warmth, confidence, will power and inner calm.

And i realize that these birth beads are not just for birth, that I will treasure them and the warm thoughts that come with them forever. This is bigger than this birth. And I wish that everyone had the chance to gather those special people around them and receive blessings. It's a powerful thing to be given. And I only have one so far. I'll be a blubbery mess on the weekend when the rest show up. Hopefully I'll manage to not completely fall to pieces, embarrassing everybody.

Perhaps it was the midwife's comment that started the train of thought. She was talking about my homework for the month - some reading on woman's power. And she said - with a sly little smile - "This isn't just about birth, you know that, right?". Wow, what a powerful thing is this journey.

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