Monday, November 19, 2007


LOVE this post at Belly Tales.
Maybe it's the sociologist in me.
When someone comments that that homeless guy on the street should "just get a job" I always ask - "Would you hire him?" Would you hire a guy with no fixed address??
Honestly, I have a hard time imagining what happens that ends up in someone not having anywhere to go for the night, but I know most of them didn't choose it. I've been down on luck before and had to leave groceries on the checkout counter because I couldn't pay for them. I've known the helplessness of arguing with government departments and banks when you don't quite fit their mould. I've never been close to homelessness because I've always managed to keep one stroke of bad luck ahead of it, and as well, I have family to fall back on. How many people don't have that?
Now I have a good job and a house and a comfortable life, but I will never forget those days when things weren't as certain. So when you say that that guy should "just get a job", ask yourself, do you really know anything about him?

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