Monday, November 19, 2007

Perfect Pyjamas

I almost went to the midwife's office in pyjamas last week. That's how much I love my new pyjamas. They're soft and new and, best of all, they fit. Of course, they should fit darn well for what I paid for them. More than I've ever paid for something made of cotton before. I swear the stores see pregnant people coming and get dollar signs in their eyes. But they are lovely, and I will wear them until after the baby is born and they won't stay up anymore. And then, I'll probably put away the bottoms and keep the top because it looks so handy for nursing, which I expect to do a lot of. If they weren't so expensive I'd buy a set in every color.
And, I tell you, they were made for me in mind - there are 2 tops - one with spaghetti straps and snap-flaps made for nursing - they're even a little sexy which is hard to imagine when you feel like a walrus. The second top is long sleeved and button-down - perfect for post-partum days when you don't even want to get out of your pyjamas but want to be a little warmer and more covered-up in front of the in-laws.
I highly recommend hanging around in your pyjamas in the first weeks post-partum, by the way. It sends a message of "I'm in recovery, and one step away from going back to bed". It tells people that you're not going to go out to the store, or cook a meal or even visit for too long.

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