Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"I'm on time-out." "And I'm ready to talk about it."

"I'm on time-out." "And I'm ready to talk about it."

I had just gotten out of the shower and was checking on my daughter who had been playing downstairs but was now sitting rather formally on the edge of her bed. I quickly realized we were playing "I'm the Kid and you're the Mom". Sometimes she tells me ahead of time and sometimes not.

So I sat down beside her.
"Why are you on time-out"

"I used up all the lipstick"
Maybe she wasn't playing after all.

"Oh Ya?"
"Ya. I goed like this," (motions with finger) "and it's all gone"
"Is there a mess?" I'm trying to decide how to react.
"No" I look at her lips. Her entire chin and lip area is very shiny. I can't figure out exactly where the ENTIRE tube of lipbalm has gone, but I trust her when she says there's no mess.

We decide that she can come out of her time-out whenever she's ready, as it was self-imposed anyway. She wants to go to the store and get more lipstick. I tell her you get it from the healthfood store and she'll have to wait until we go there again before she gets more. That's the consequence of using all the lipbalm. You don't get anymore for a while.

And I put off my trip to the heallthfood store for a couple of days.

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