Monday, December 3, 2007

Next on the list: Clean out the fish tank.

Do you think it is a bad sign if one of your fish dies just as you are about to start maternity leave??

I always take it hard when one of the fish starts to float. This time is just so much more poignant.
I couldn't even look at the tank for days. Pregnant people shouldn't have to deal with this.
It represents everything that has been wrong with my lifestyle in the last little while. My life was just too busy to properly take care of the poor buggers. I was up at 5am everyday, Getting A. up at 5:30, and out the door by 6. commute, work, work, work, commute. Make supper, clean up from supper. Get A. in the bath, to bed, and then fall into bed myself. Weekends weren't much better. We were always running around getting "stuff" done - all the stuff that accumulates during the week - groceries, laundry, cleaning the fish tank, etc.. It was survivalist, at best. And the fish suffered, until one poor guy finally couldn't take it anymore.
I say this all in past tense because I'm hoping that being on maternity leave will give us a chance to have a calmer, healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

So, this is day 1, and I'm a little scared, a lot excited, and ready to go. Of course, I couldn't sleep past 6:30am.....I'm sure that will come. It's 8am, and I've already showered, eaten, made tea, surfed the internet and posted to my blog (almost). Next on the list: Clean out the fish tank.


Mommy Lynda said...

Welcome to blogland and maternity leave! It's easy to forget housework and read everyone's blogs! I'm sorry to hear about your fish. I don't have the time to take care of fish. I have dogs and they take up the extra time I have after my family and my house! There just aren't enough hours in the day.

tired of smiling said...

Thanks, Mommy Lynda!
Sadly, I haven't had a chance to read anyone's blog since Friday. I'm really trying to not spend the whole day on the computer! It's a bad habit to break.