Monday, December 17, 2007

My Dream House is for sale.

My Dream House is for sale. I've always walked by it and thought I'd love to buy that house if it ever comes up for sale. And now it is.

The house is in the best part of our particular neighbourhood - it's a cul-de-sac that must have been the nicest houses when the area was built. You can just tell that more care was put into this area. It's a 4 level split with 3 bedrooms up and another down (our current house has only 2 bedrooms up). All 4 levels are developed, giving you lots of living space. Much of the inside (from pictures) looks to have been redone. Hardwood floors, big kitchen, huge windows.
For the guys there's a great big garage (they call it a triple, but DH says it's not really.) He could get his truck in it, AND walk around it. Heated and insulated and wired with 220 (apparently that's important, and a good sign). Also, an en suite which is something DH has been missing in this house. And RV parking, accessible from the back alley.
It's a corner lot with a huge yard sweeping around 2 sides. There are big mature trees and nice landscaping (underground sprinklers even). It would be great for kids playing. It's across the street from a huge natural park system, and only a block or two from the local elementary school. It's farther away from the railway tracks, and highways than we are now, and on a quite little cul-de-sac that doesn't go anywhere else, making it cosy and quiet.

The only thing we can't figure out is where the dog(s) will go. There's a fenced area in the back, but it's got paving stones, not grass. We'd have to figure out some fencing or something to give them some space to hang out. But that's the only negative I can think of.

I want it bad. It's the perfect house for us.

But Oh what timing. I just started mat leave, so less income. Would we even qualify for a mortgage? It's about 50,000 more than our current house. And then there's the thought of getting ready to sell our house ASAP, and getting ready to move.
Plus the whole Baby Imminent thing. I'm not going to be much use for packing, cleaning, moving.

Too much to think about. I think we have to go for a walk and drool some more.

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mammacomic said...

I know this exact feeling! Thanks for sharing your blog with me, I love reading blog's of friends.