Friday, December 14, 2007


Is it possible that it's really Friday?? The 14th??
Somehow the whole week has gone by, and I can't even think of what happened to it.
Monday - Grocery shopping in AM, Chiropractor in PM - Chiropractor visits take half a day, as they are 45 minutes from my house. Sometimes I wonder if all that driving is worse on my back than just staying at home and not seeing the chiro guy. I should post about the whole chiro thing one day.
Tuesday - Cleaning the house all day, and library in the pm, company after supper. It was our first trip to the library, and they just happened to be starting a kids story and craft time which we joined in on. Then we read 37 books and I had to tear A. away. They only take cash or cheque so we couldn't even get a library card this time, but the sympathetic librarian gave us a Clifford book to take home anyway. I hate it when places refuse to get debit or credit machines. There's no excuse for it. There's one ice cream shop and a great coffee shop in town that I almost never make it to because they only take cash, and I almost never have any. It's a Canadian thing.
Wednesday - Midwife in the morning, Dance class in the afternoon. All is well with baby. Head down and growing well. Heartbeat strong at 160. I am so thankful. We start 2 week visits now. Wow, 34 weeks already, I could have a baby in as little as 3 weeks!!! Ya, that's me freaking out!!
Dance class was the most hilarious thing I've seen in a long time. It was parent's day so we all got to watch for the first time. My kid was the one in the back staring at the parents or her own reflection in the mirror, always a step behind the others. She fit in, actually, as you don't really expect too much coordination from 3 and 4 year olds. I wasn't the only parent trying to hide the hysterical laughing fit the whole thing brought on. Especially with the "Big Bum Walking". Use your imagination.
Thursday - Chiro in the morning, work Christmas party in the pm. It was fun to go and see everyone again. The company released a new logo this week and everyone hates it. Acquisition rumors are back again, but there are always those rumors. Two projects I was working on had snags this week. I feel bad for the person who took them over but it sounds like they got it worked out. She is enjoying the new work, as I thought she would. Everyone needs a change sometimes. I thinks she likes about it all the things that I didn't.
Friday - "What a heck" Where did the week go? Shopping with Auntie J. for Christmas stuff. I hate shopping, but I like Auntie J. This should be good. Maybe there's a coffee purveyor near the stores. Preggy lady needs reinforcement.

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