Saturday, December 15, 2007

Freezer Feeding

I've been trying to feed the freezer in advance of post-partum craziness and it hasn't been going well.
I mentioned I'm not so good at following directions. I made - tried to make - calzones thinking that they would be good to pull out and nuke in really desperate times. I even used a recipe and followed it reasonably close. I just substituted spelt flour for the wheat and olive oil for the vegetable oil. Shouldn't have been that bad, right? Well, I knew something was amiss when half of the filling was left in the end. They ended up being meat flavoured buns. I froze them anyway in case it really gets THAT desperate.
We made the rest of the filling into spaghetti sauce and had it with egg noodles. I was quite ill that night as wheat and I don't get along. I still try, I don't know why. One day maybe I'll learn. But I froze a bunch of that into a casserole before I realized the big mistake I'd made. So now there's a great big pan of it in the freezer, and I can't eat it. That was smart.
Next I made Jambalaya. I make Jambalaya all the time, so thought it would be a sure thing. Well, I think the little green peppers I picked out at the grocery store weren't exactly Jalapenos, or maybe they were really mad little jalapenos. It ended up being so hot it was hard to eat. So we fed it to our brother-in-law who likes that sort of thing. I did mix in a bunch of rice and froze one container, but it's not exactly what I had in mind. The thing is I'm not sure how much spicy stuff the new nursling will tolerate, certainly, burn-your-tonsils hot might just be asking for trouble.
Next I have a meatball recipe that everyone raves about. I figure I'll just make lots and lots of meatballs and freeze those by themselves. How can I screw that up too badly??

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