Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Stubborn Love on a Pedestal

Maybe you can tell I've been avoiding this blog.

I'm feeling ambivalent about the subject. It's that darn carrier I raved so much about. OK, so, not a rave, exactly, but I did stay up late thinking about it. Yes, I am a geek.
Well, I got it and it didn't change my world. It is good, but not infomercial good. I wrote the support people an email and they said my baby is just too small. They fit better when 4-5 months old. Now, I have small babies, and this one was a month early, so that's 5-6 or more months old, and that's at least 2 months from now. But I am stubbornly determined to use it. And love it, darn it. I will never get approval from the department of labor and finance for a new one, so this is it.

I guess I just thought it would replace everything, but still found myself snuggling the teething (yes, already), screaming baby in the sling last night. Nothing beats a sling for snuggling, but having her buckled to my back sure wins out for long walks. I'm certain I could walk for longer than she could go between feedings and diaper changes. Once we can get the legs in the proper places I'm sure we'll love it more. Because I'm that determined. or shall we call it stubborn.

I'm not a dollar store girl. I'd rather buy one high quality thing than 4 things that I will use up, break and throw out. I find that I'm happier in the long run if I buy less, but higher quality. Usually. Until times like this when I do the research, shell out the bucks, and am disappointed. I have a feeling that I'm only disappointed because I thought the world would change with this one purchase, and then, when it didn't I felt let down. The product itself didn't claim infomercial status, it was me that put it up on a pedestal.

They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. What's the second step??


Sarah Mansur said...

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