Monday, June 23, 2008

Favourite Bowl.

Coming home from a potluck I was ballancing 2 bowls and a backpack in one hand while carrying a baby bucket in the other hand while looking behind me at the 4 year old. Well, it didn't work, the bowls slipped and crashed onto the sidewalk. There was quinoa salad everywhere and jagged reamins of my favourite large serving bowl. I use (used) that bowl for everything. We got it as a wedding present 10 years ago, and, looking on the bright side of the tragedy, I should say that it did last 10 years which is pretty good.

And the thought came to me as I stared at the remains that this is just like motherhood. Trying to carry too many things at the same time. Eventually something is going to slip. Hopefully my partner will come rushing out to help clean up when it does, just like he did with my favourite bowl.

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