Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Egg Pizza!

post #101 is a recipe. This is my new favourite that I just invented last night.

Egg Pizza. For everyone who likes pizza but doesn't like crust.

I used a 10 inch cast iron pan and added a good dollop of butter in the bottom so it didn't stick. I used this pan so that I could saute some yellow peppers for toppings first and only have dirtied one pan. You could also use a quiche pan, and it would be prettier but make sure you do something so it doesn't all stick to the bottom.

6 eggs - mixed up. you don't have to beat them, or add anything else. Just put them in your pan and stick it in the oven. The egg should form a thin even layer on the bottom of the pan. This is your crust. Cook until the egg just sets (you're going to cook it some more later.). If you overcook it will be rubbery.

brush on tomato sauce
sprinkle oregano, italian spices and garlic powder.
add toppings (mine were sauteed leeks and yellow peppers)
add cheeze (I always use part-skim because it's less oily. Add Monteray Jack for extra flava.)
I added mushrooms on top. They make for a less mushy pizza that way.

Broil until cheeze is nice and brown. Serve to family and wait for the compliments to start coming in. This is serious pizza, baby, you'll all need forks for this one.

Even Mr.Picky Carboholic Husband liked this one. He sceptically took one piece to begin with and then went back for seconds. He knows to be suspicious of my cooking. 4 year old Darling Daughter ate quite a bit, too, probably thanks to all that cheeze.

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