Thursday, July 31, 2008

Is there any hope for my fish, and anything else I can do?

Just when I think I'm going to abandon this blog something comes up I need to write about. It's the fish.

I have 5 Angelfish, a rainbow shark and a pleco. I've had most of them for about 2 years without problems.

I noticed this morning that the tank was cloudy (white) and all the fish (except the pleco) were at the top of the tank gulping air. The pump wasn't working. I quickly did a 50% water change and cleaned the pump which started working again. I switched out the old carbon filter for an ammonia filter thinking it was an ammonia problem from not having cleaned the tank soon enough. All the fish started swimming around as normal again.

I come in this evening and the tank is super cloudy again and 3 of the angels are dead. The other 2 angels and sharkfish are gulping at the surface as before. I did a 30% water change (It's not good to change too much, right?) and added some aquarium salt.

Is there anything else I can do? Are the rest of the fish doomed?? Does anyone out there know about any of this stuff??


mammacomic said...

Hey G!
Any advice about potty training? Marcel is 2.5, and well with baby comming I thought I should start getting him out of diapers. I wsa planning on just taking them off, puting on undies and dealing with the mess. I was going to start that like um this weekend...but then what about when we go to the store...or in the car..oh, man, this could be fun...

tired of smiling said...

hey, angie!
we've been potty training for years. Really, years. I really hope you have an easier time than us!
My best advice is to not be attached to succeeding. Try to stay positive because the minute you get frusterated or angry it becomes a big deal and kids dig their heels in. I think just putting him in undies and cleaning up the messes is a great way to start. You might want to have diapers for trips away from home, but remember that wearing a diaper gives him permission to pee in his pants, so it's good to avoid when possible. Let me know how it goes. I can't write more now, we're about to head out.