Thursday, August 14, 2008

phogh update and project get my house back...

well, we're back from holidays and only lost 3 fish. Under the care of a good friend, the other 4 have weathered the storm and looks like they are here for the long haul. phewph. I thought about those silly water children every day I was away. I take being a fish mommy seriously. very seriously. probably too seriously.

Holidays were good. we came back early. the jeep broke. drive shaft and axle shaft. Good thing my husband's a mechanic. We're glad to be home.

I arrived home with new energy and excitement about getting our house in order.
I'm trying to feed that fire now. You see, our house is a bit of a clutter pit. yup; we'll never be neat freaks. But this is it, our house needs to shape up or ship out. and I have until i go back to work to do it. I'm pretty proud of the fact that I managed to clean out all but one shelf in the kitchen closet today. It's beautiful. Glorious empty space. well, a little anyway. One cupboard down, rest of the house to go. Truth be told, I was looking for the mini crock pot I got for my birthday so I could make a batch of rice cereal for the baby (who is currently squirming on my lap). I never did find it, but we won't have to buy dry cereal for a long time. Or maybe the food bank will get a donation, i haven't decided yet.

Want Some Stuff???

If anyone wants an egg poaching set, I have one to give away. It's a nice one, we just don't eat poached eggs. Also a large floral brown chair, assorted books, a mop head, kids toys, a loving dog and misc. yarn and crafty stuff. There's too much stuff to list, so if you know I own something and you know of an alternate home for it let me know, or if you're looking for something let me know.


Jess B said...

Tell me more about this egg poaching thingy....

tired of smiling said...

Hey, Jess!
See the next blog entry for an answer to your question. If I'm tired tomorrow this blog is why.