Friday, October 17, 2008

Sauce Cups and G-F pasta- An Interesting day

I finally made it to the wholesale club store to find my sauce cups. I have become enamoured with bento boxes of late and am collecting the equipment and supplies to make them when I return to work (only 2 weeks left ; (
Much simpler than hunting around for cutesy Hello Kitty gear I perused the tupperwear aisle at my local grocery store using, and using these guidelines, picked out a couple of tupperwear boxes that fit my needs. For sauce and dip containers I bought some 1 oz take-out containersat the wholesale club. And voila! We're in business. Problem is the little containers come in packages of 250. For my needs, 25 would be plenty, so I'm wondering where I can unload a whole bunch of extra sauce containers. I mean share the love.

Also, have to rave about Chianti's restaurant. They have Gluten-free pasta and bread. I forgot what it is like to be able to order whatever you want off of the menu. I had the seafood special and it was spectacular.

ok, too tired to type anymore.....

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Anonymous said...

Hey sauce cup lady, why no more posts? It's been almost a month... have you abandoned us?