Friday, November 14, 2008

Bendy Dolls!

OK, you asked!

A. randomly commented the other day that she needs dolls for her doll house. I thought she was having fun playing with her ponies there but apparently they are too big for the bed so it doesn't really work. So I looked up dolls on etsy and found these bendy dolls. Then I found a tutorial on making them yourself, and voila, now I have something to do every lunchhour between now and Christmas. Here are more examples of finished dolls, and I couldn't resist bookmarking these pirates.

Mine don't have feet. I'm trying to do it without buying much extra materials. I figure I have lots of craft stuff at home to use (even though we purged a lot...doh!). (More on this these another time, I'm trying to retrain myself into using what we have rather than buying the solution to our problems. Like I said, more later.) I did buy some pink fabric and wooden heads, though. I didn't have any fabric that's pink and that's A's favourite color right now.

I just put a head on the doll that I made last week and it didn't fit! I think if I don't wrap the neck all the way up the head will fit. He needs clothes. He'll look better clothed. Then you won't notice how odd his body is....oh, they're going to look pretty eclectic! The green fuzz of the pipecleaner sticks through a bit. I may have to wrap him again... maybe striped legs...
Oh what fun. I'd like to make a boy, a girl, a kid and a baby for sure (you know, our family). Then, if there's time I'll add a pirate and a fairy and maybe some aunts or gramas. (And maybe another baby, har har) I have some lovely white wool so someone's going to have white hair.

And this is what I am thinking of making for R. (now 10 months old):
Should be easy enough as it's random. I'll sew on eyes instead of using buttons so she doesn't chew them off with those razor teeth and swallow them. She would so that.

We'll see if I have enough time for all the projects I'd like to do!

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