Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Bento lunches:

When you follow the rules sometimes that makes things easier.
I've been making bento lunches since returning to work in November. For the most part they have been a haphazard mix of whatever I could scrounge up in the fridge. All be it, a yummy hodgepodge, and they certainly filled the hole, but lacking an underlying organization.
Then I read Just Bento's post and decided to try the 1:1:2 guideline. 1 part carbs, 1 part protein and 2 parts veggies. That's 1/4 of the container carbs, 1/4 protein and half veggies or fruits. Roughly. (You notice I call it a guideline rather than a rule...I'm not so good with rules)
Well, how much simpler that makes my lunches. They're more elegant now, and quicker, too. Probably about the same yumminess as before, but there is a zen factor in getting in your groove.


mammacomic said...

I love bento. I want to go to china town and buy a really cute box, thats not plastic...Can you take oics of yours? THAT would be cool...

tired of smiling said...

yes, you are absolutely right, a post on bento without pictures leaves a lot to be desired. I need a better system for getting pictures on my blog - I just don't get ot the computer much at home these days.
Do you know of a place that has the bento boxes of which you speak?? I so want a non-plastic one, too. I've looked around and only found hello kitty which just isn't my style so I stick to plain ol grocery store plastic containers. They work just fine, just aren't pretty.
I promise pictures one day soonish.