Monday, December 8, 2008


A lot of things would change if I were Emperor. I was going to go for Benevolent Dictator but thought Emperor sounded more vague. Easier to do right.

We’d put all the grumpy people on one floor. I think the grumpy floor would be really quiet. They'd probably all hide in their offices. They’d probably like that. Until they all filed out into the elevator, then look out.

Do you think we could put all the people who actually like donuts on one floor? Then the rest of us wouldn't have to face them every time we go by the kitchen.

I've been practicing:


pretty good, eh?

I get to be the queen at home sometimes... you know, the princesses’ mom...
It's more of a figurehead role, though, mostly for show, the princesses get to have the real fun. As Emperor I'll really get things done. Plus the wardrobe is more promising (think The Emperor's New Clothes… could be interesting).

I have it all planned out.
I'd make things and take half-fuzzy pictures all day long and when I got tired of that I'd go for long walks in the woods and drink fancy coffees with good friends. I mean Emporial Advisers.
And I'm sure I'd just wear jeans. But I'd splurge for ones that fit. And nice shoes. Definitely nice shoes.

I don't want to go too crazy as emperor. You know, save some for social programs (like coffee dates for everyone - let them eat cake.). Yes, everyone in "the land" would be happy. There would be puppies and butterflies and children skipping in fields. Why not? can dream, can't she?

All funded by exorbitant taxes. Naturally.

I am really going to have to learn to spell emperor right if this is going to work.

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