Sunday, December 28, 2008

Special gifts for my special girls.

Special gifts for my special girls. I got bitten by the crafter's homemade bug big time this year. I made (or am still making) quite a few of our christmas gifts this year. I decided to make something special for each of my girls. This one is for the baby. It's an ugly doll. She didn't turn out at all as I imagined, but I think she has spunk. Kinda like the recipient. Dontcha just want to just poke her eyes out?
She's made from an upcycled brown faux-suede skirt. Her hair is made from some wool that my grama's grama brought from the maritimes when they moved west. It's old and it's family. I love that the doll has red hair. So much fun. Part of the challenge of this project was to use materials that I already had (or that other people already had). The whites of the eyes are leftover material from my wedding dress. Auntie J gave us the ribbon on the foot - it's velvet - and the stuffing. Thank you, Anutie J!

I love her teeth. They're meant to look like R's teeth when I made the doll, but she keeps sprouting more teeth, so it doesn't look like her anymore. DH suggested adding broken glass to the ends of her fingers to make her more realistic. What was he thinking?