Friday, December 19, 2008

You might just get Pizza Casserole

A new family favourite was born this week. Pizza Casserole. This one is so easy and adaptable, it'll have a place on everyone's weekly menu.

Bottom Layer: Noodles (cooked - I used small penne but was thinking small shells would be ideal) and Crushed Tomatoes. Spice as you would pizza sauce which for me means lots of Oregano. Use lots of spices or you won't taste them at all. I used Rice noodles which always end up a little mushy when baked, but it made it edible for me (yay wheat intolerance), so I didn't complain. Neither did anyone else. It couldn't have been too bad. Don't use too much noodle mixture (an inch in the bottom of your casserole dish at most). This dish is about the toppings, not the noodles. Think Pizza.

Layer #2: Half a bag of spinach. This layer has nothing to do with actual pizza but is a good way to add more greens to the meal. It bakes down into a paper-thin layer.

Layer #3: Toppings. I used a generous layer of Mexican spiced beef (ground beef and chilli powder and tomato sauce), and yellow and red peppers (frozen from the summer harvest...yum). Feel free to go wild. Feel free to go vegetarian or make your own favourite pizza. I'm trying to think of gourmet toppings to use next time.

Layer#4: Cheeze. Lots of stretchy mozzarella. What pizza would be complete without cheeze? OK, I know, I know, but we're not in Italy, are we? I also added bacon bits and cheddar on top to simulate one of our favourite pizzas.

Bake 1/2 hour (or until cheeze looks melty) in a casserole dish at 350.

I'm embarrassed at how easy this is. I ate it 4 times last week - 2 suppers and 2 lunches. And I wouldn't be surprised if it shows up again on next week's menu.


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