Thursday, January 8, 2009

4 yr. old Does Bento

lunch packing time has become a special mother-daughter time in our house. It's usually done after the baby is asleep and daddy is watching tv downstairs or in the garage, so it's just me and the big kid left. She's taken to packing a lunch or snack for her and the nanny while I pack mine. (Baby has to forage, I guess) At first I led the way, but she's not concerned with rules and form, so now she leads the way and I just help out. They can always suppliment from the fridge at mealtime.
The first one she did by herself had a container of yogurt, a whole avocado and a mandarine orange. Only two of those items fit in the box at one time, and the lid wouldn't fit on with the yogurt in there. So we cut up the avocado and split it between several people's lunches, included the orange and put the yogurt (and spoon) on top of the box after the lid was on. Today's bento snacks were more minimal. Cherry tomatos in sauce cups (2 tomatos fit inside one one oz. cup with minimal squishage), Half a slice of cheeze, 1 cube of honeydew and one cube of cantelope. good thing it's only a snack.
Oh what fun it is to prepare lunch with my 4 year old. Life is good.

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