Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oh What Fun!

So, I got into a conversation with a friend who owns a consignment store the other day.

If I could find a local supplier for these, I would love to get them locally”. They were cute little embroidered barrettes.
Hey, I can do that!” I thought to myself as I walked out determined to find the one piece of felt in the fabric bag and start a cutting and sewing frenzy.
I feel like I’ve just been waiting for an opportunity to come along, and this may just be it. It’s funny because I’ve been doing a bunch of embroidery lately, just goofing around. I’ve always done some sort of art, I just can’t help it.

I have a couple of samples made up and spent the lunchhour today making designs for more. I want them to be a little modern, not just cutesy. It’s hard designing something that you’re going to sell. I can make something for me, no problem, and I can make something for someone I know because I think of them and then create something they would like but making something to please someone I don’t even know is tougher. And they have to like it enough to spend money on it so there’s a little pressure. I started out with cutesey designs but found them uninspiring. I realized that if I don’t like the designs it’s unlikely anyone else will either. Even if they follow a set formula (flowers and hearts).

So, I’ve taken a new approach – I’m making stuff that I like – I’m pretending I’m the customer. Finally I have some designs I’m excited about!

Other Details:

I’m trying to figure out how much felt to buy when I don’t even know if I these will sell yet. I haven’t got a big budget for extra art supplies. But, really, it’s inexpensive compared to just about every other hobby.
The other thing is the name I came up with Is taken – Silver Sisters. I was quite attached to that name – it is in honour of my 2 daughters who have silver hair. I really like the sisters theme, there’s something in that that really resonates, but I have to go back to the drawing board. I don’t know anything about the business side, so will have to learn it all at some point. My plan right now is to make some samples, get some good designs, talk to my friend who will sell them and then eventually put some in her store on a trial basis. If they sell then I’ll figure out the business stuff. Develop a great product first and then worry about the rest.

Oh what fun!