Friday, May 1, 2009

waiting on supplies....

This is the tough part. The calm before the storm. I'm waiting on supplies. I've been using the down time to work up some designs. I figure I really only need 4 or 5 good designs to start - each piece will be different because of the hand stitching anyway. I've got a heart, a leaf, a funky little bird, and a silly monster. I'm also working on a flower but am having trouble making a shape I like. Sounds silly, I know, how can you not figure out something as simple as a flower shape? Well, I just haven't been inspired yet. I've ordered some felted reclaimed wool scraps off of etsy and am trying to order some 100% wool felt also off of etsy. I wish I had a local supplier for that. I'm also spreading the word that I'm looking for old wool sweaters that I can felt up and use. Keep your eyes out at the garage sales and thrift store bins.
My sister has generously offered to design some cards for the barrettes to go on. She's so good at that kind of stuff, I am lucky to have the help.
And since I know I'll be busy once the supplies arrive I am trying to finish off some of the projects I started earlier. A cute tank top for elder daughter - I am embroidering a flower garden on it (pink of course!). Also embroidering some club decals for the family (bought a nifty water soluble pen for this) and I still need to get back to the dragonfly I started a while back. I've since figured out the secret to using silver thread - double it and knot the end - then it doesn't fray and fall apart as you use it. I think the dragonfly will become something for me - I never keep any of my stuff for me.
Ah, sigh, to be an artist.


karen said...

I so know what you mean about never keeping anything you make for yourself. I am the embroiderer with no embroidery, scared to keep my wares out to enjoy them incase something happens to them and I can't sell them.Very frustrating!!

tired of smiling said...

I am flattered that you have read my blog! Your work is beautiful, and I am so inspired that you can make a living doing art!