Wednesday, November 21, 2007

mmmm mmmm mmmuffins...

Made another batch of yummy muffins last night. Banana with oatbran. I'm not very good at following directions. I used less sugar than called for, kefir instead of sour cream, spelt four instead of wheat, and oat bran. I'd post the recipe but they weren't quite perfect - not quite sweet enough, too oily, and a little heavy. I may have tried to make them too healthy. I tend to do that. Next time, less healthy, I promise. And I'll consider the chocolate chips suggestion.

Good enough for a picture, though. I do love my camera. Here's another one. We were playing with shadows. Does a picture of A's shadow on the internet count as a picture of her???

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Re-birtha said...

Awesome pics. At least the muffins LOOK yummy:)