Friday, May 29, 2009

Don’t Chew Gum Outside, People!

Serious Consequences Could Ensue!

My 5 yr old and I were having a chat last night. She wanted to warn me about chewing gum outside.

“You should never chew gum outside.”

“Oh, why?”

“Because a big animal will come up and hit you in the stomach and knock you over.”

“Really? Did you see that happen?”

“It was on TV” She was serious.

Apparently there’s a pretty dramatic commercial on TV where a guy gets hit in the groin by a ram and spits out his gum. All the guys I tell this to know exactly what I am talking about. We don’t watch much TV, and she’s only 5 so she really thought this might happen. She was worried about big animals lurking behind the bushes, apparently, watching for gum chewers.

I told her that sometimes what you see on TV isn’t real – it’s just a joke. I said I had never seen that happen and didn’t expect to see that kind of thing. I think gum chewing in the out of doors is pretty safe. We both agreed that it would be pretty weird. I wonder what other things she believes that she got from unreliable sources.

We had a conversation last year about commercials – she thought they were shows, too. So we had to have a chat about how they are trying to get you to buy something. Of course, it all looks like great stuff, and she wants it all. She even said that one day: “I see lots of cool stuff they are trying to sell me on TV and I want to buy it all!” I think that was before Christmas. So, we’ve had some beginning conversations about things not always being as great as they make them seem on TV, and how Stuff won’t necessarily make you happier (she doesn’t quite believe me), and about we can’t buy EVERYTHING we want. Phewph. What must it be like to not know this stuff yet – to take the world at face value?


karen said...

What dilemma's we face as parents, outside influences messing up our good work!
I googled damp stretchinga nd couldn't find anything, (I am suprised) I may post a tutorial on it sometime but I just don't know when I will have time, will do my best though!

Anonymous said...

haha. Sometimes we forget that little kids view the world differently! I remember when I was a kid thinking that some movies that were supposed to be funny I took to be serious. For example, I thought that The Search for the Holy Grail movie was a serious religious movie just like The Ten Commandments was.

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